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Winner of "Name that System!"

February 06, 2016

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The votes are in and VERAS (Vandals Electronic Research Administration System) was the clear winner.  Congratulations to Tao Xing for his winning entry! And thanks to everyone who submitted a suggestion (I’m still chuckling over Heimdall) and participated in the voting.

The IRB module is well underway and currently on schedule to go live around the end of March.  For those of you who volunteered, or wish to volunteer, as IRB testers we will be asking you to complete a test application soon both to get your feedback and also so that we can do more testing on the committee side.

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Name that system!

As per last week’s email, the University is in the process of implementing a new software system to eventually replace all of our research compliance and research administration systems.  It will be a “one-stop-shop” for your research work.  That system needs a name and we’re holding a contest for that purpose.  Your naming suggestions and contact information can be made here.  Prize and selection process still TBD, but we will make a decision sometime early next year, so the deadline for responses is 1/15/2016.  We look forward to your creative ideas!