Athena KVLCC2
News & Updates

1. CFD Lectures

(1) Introduction to CFD

(2) Numerical Methods for CFD

(3) Turbulence Modeling for CFD

(4) Grid Generation and Post-processing for CFD

2. CFD Lab Exercise Notes

(1) Pipe Flow

(2) Airfoil Flow

(3) Diffuser

(4) Ahmed Car


3. CFD: Quantitative Verification and Validation Using Richardson Extrapolation

(1) Grid Convergence Index (GCI)

(2) Correction Factor Method: 12

(3) Lease Square Method (LSM)

(4) Factor of Safety Method

(5) Mixed-Order Richardson Extrapolation (MORE)


4. CFD: Different Coordinate Systems

(1) Derivation of Governing Equations for Curvilinear Coordinates

(2) Derivation of Governing Equations for Absolute-inertial, Relative-inertial, and Non-inertial Coordinate System


5. Grid Transformation for CFD

6. Turbulent Kinetic Energy and Reynolds Stress Budget for Canonical Flows


7. EFD Uncertainty Analysis